Solutions for IT system infrastructure

Solutions for IT system infrastructure

Information system infrastructure is the firm foundation for all activities and applications related to information technology. Infrastructure of IT system includes: Communication cable system (voice, video, data, warning systems, administration…), Supply power system, Other support systems such as lightning protection systems, warning systems… Infrastructure plays a very important role in guarantee of quality, stability, ability to overcome troubles, expandability of IT system.

Features of solutions

Solutions for communication cable system

- Indentical cable system for data transmission applicatins (LAN), voice (PBX, IP Telephony), video…
- Using standard system ANSI/TIA/EIA 568-B and ISO/IEC 11801:2002 2ND.
- Completely meeting strict requirements of: Material quality, consultancy of design, verification, administration of system, warranty, maintenance
- Cable system and functional departments (IT department, telecom closet…) is designed and assured to meet requirements of:  Uplifting floor, Power system and UPS, Lighting system, Grounding and lightning protection system, Ventilation, air conditioning system, Fire alarm, smoke alarm system, Door system and safe locking

Other solutions
  • Lightning protection system: local for IT department or for whole system
  • UPS system: form of centralization or dispersal. From some KVA or some hundreds of KVA
  • Obervation camera system
  • Warning system, fire alarm, smoke alarm
  • Door control system
Profits for clients
  • Infrastructure of system is built optimally and suitably to international standards.
  • Easily implement multi-service intergrated network system meeting all applications.
  • Easily expand, supplement and change in case of need.
  • Ensuring stability, security and safety for the system.
  • Saving system management and operation costs.
  • Ensuring investment cost.

Support service is fast and convenient with many levels for client’s choice.

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