Solutions for server system

Solutions for server system

Together with the rapid development of information technology and tendency towards application of information technology in many areas…that has higher demands of efficiency, high availability and reliability of server systems.

Early grasping the trend of development of technology and importance of application of advanced calculation systems and server systems in Finance – Banking, Telecommunications – Electric Power, right from the beginning years of establishment, under the sound investment and the orientation of technology development, Hong Co has become a particularly important partner of the world’s leading IT firms such as IBM, HP, Fujitsu...

With the expert team of Vietnam’s leading technology trained professionally and granted certificates by IBM, HP, Nortel, Microsoft..., Hong Co has supplied, installed and optimized state-of-the-art server systems equipped with technologies of Cluster, Data center for International Universities nationwide.

Profits for clients

- HongCo’s very experienced experts consult and directly participate in execution and construction of the system.
- Guaranteeing the system operates smoothly at the highest level.

Support services in compliance with firm’s standards during defects liability period and additional services of Hong Co depending on specific requirements of clients.

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