Solutions for data storage and backup system

Solutions for data storage and backup system

Being aware of the importance of backup and restoration of enterprises’s data, Hong Co not only has solutions of integration of models of automatically backing up and restoring data for enterprises on the basis of technologies modern and suitable to Vietnam’s conditions, but also goes a step further that is to provide overall solutions, integration, customization upon business requirements together with maintenance services and professional support for proposed solutions.

Solutions for storage on disk drive:

Depending on demands of using and investment expenditure, Hong Co’s experts can help clients to choose between different solutions and storage technology: Storage with device installed directly (DAS - Direct Attached Storage), Storage via network (NAS – Network Attached Storage), Specific storage network (SAN – Storage Area Network)

Solution for data backup and restoration

Storage system on racks has ability to resist physical faults but it doesn’t have effect of resisting faults in some cases such as data breakdown due to virus or user’s mistakes. Solution for data backup and restoration will ensure data security for clients in those cases.
Depending on requirements of each client, we would like to provide Backup solution with different scales from small solutions to backup via LAN to solutions with ability to backup and quickly restore a huge volume of data on SAN (LAN-free backup and Server-free backup), minimizing effect on efficiency of server during the data backup and restoration process.

Solution for Disaster Recovery

Minimizing risks for data information system of clients before disasters such as: fire, earthquake, terror…, Hong Co provides solutions for data restoration after disasters based on technologies of storage’s leading partners such as: IBM, HP and EMC. Our experts will coordinate with you to survey, design, implement system and set up case study if troubles happened.

Profits for clients
  • Building a reliable data protection system that eliminates risks and disasters.
  • Overall integrating for data backup, fast data recovery process with many automated operations.
  • Combining solutions for information security, data storage will help clients to feel completely secure about their information system.
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