Implementation of installation

Implementation of installation

The service of implementation and installation of Hong Co ensures that the client’s system is quickly installed, operates with a high quality with reasonable expense. The service is designed and built in order to satisfy special demands of each client, from simple networks to complex networks, with many kinds of devices as well as protocols with different interfaces.

Installation service

The installation service consists of installation of hardware and configuration of software based on design and technical features of manufacturers, ensuring the system is integrated and operates to the most optimality. This service serves clients’ demands from the most simple to the most complex in system installation.

Serviced subjects

The person deciding installation services is just clients who wants to build up a perfect network system using equipment, protocols and different interfaces.

HongCo’s qualified ability

Hong Co ensures to perform the following works:

  • Field surveying, checking for installation as well as compatibility of design system.
  • Installing hardware.
  • Configuring software.
  • Checking stability of the system after building up.
  • Providing clients with installation documents.
Service’s utilities

Using our services, clients will have the following advantages:

  • Satisfying demands of a system professionally designed and installed.
  • Having a system with high compatibility.
  • Chances to exchange knowledge and experience of network system with team of engineers and technicians of Hong Co during installation process. This will help for system supervision process in the future.
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