Warranty and Maintenance

Warranty and Maintenance

Hong Co provides warranty and maintenance services for multi-foundation systems in both hardware and software. This service even includes distant forms, on-site forms, preventions, forecasts as well as after-trouble shooting. Being the authorized service agent of the world’s leading IT firms and a widespread network system of agents, Hong Co realizes warranty and maintenance of systems for clients all over Vietnam. Warranty, maintenance and technical support ensure stable and sustainable operation of the information system in order to optimize the effect of investment. The target of these services is to reduce stand-by time of the system to the lowest level, to maintain stability and optimize operation of the information system.

- Service of evaluation of efficiency, safety of information system: This is the service provided to clients in order to evaluate the operation of information system. The result of evaluation process is an analysis report of the status quo of information system, outstanding issues, risks of trouble as well as solutions to overcome before troubles and breakdown could happen. Detailed level of evaluation is designed suitably to specific requirements of clients and particularities of the evaluated information system.

- Service of optimization of information system: Service of optimization of information system is a reconfigured service, adjustment of parameters of information system in order to ensure reaching up highest efficiency, safety, security. The service also includes measures to solve risks of trouble and breakdowns that could happen to the system.

- System maintenance service: Periodical system maintenance service: The service is to ensure a stable operation of the system resulting from a periodical check and maintenance. The service is provided upon contracts signed between the Company and clients. Client’s information system will receive periodical maintenances upon the signed contracts. Details of content of maintenance will be agreed upon clients’ demands. On-demand system maintenance service: on-demand system maintenance service is similar to periodical system maintenance except the time of performance of maintenance is one time according to client’s demands.

- Warranty services:
Being one of leading informatics and communication companies in Vietnam, Hong Co has a widespread warranty network nationwide. With a huge team of high qualified and experienced technical experts, we are one of a few companies providing best service of warranty nationwide. Our warranty services ensure to provide to clients within a shortest duration with highest quality.

Mode of warranty is divided into 2 main groups:
+ Repair service: Device repair service is performed upon the contracts signed between company and clients or on-demand device repair services.
+ Authorized maintenance service: Being authorized mainternance services of the manufacturer. Products will receive warranty upon the manufacturer’s standards. Hong Co is currently the warranty service agent of Fujitsu.

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