Solution for information system safety and security

Solution for information system safety and security

Together with the development of Internet, information becomes an important weapon in activities of individuals, enterprises and even government therefore information security has become a leading issue for agencies, enterprises... How does the system operate stable, limit virus and hacker’s attacks? We need to apply solutions for safety and information security such as: setting up Fire-walls, using data coding technology, using VPN…


  • Consulting and designing system: allocating, selecting devices, selecting applications so that security and safety is optimal.

  • Consulting, supplying and installing anti-virus soft-wares for PC, Server up to the whole system including mail system, Internet gateway… (Trend Micro, Norton, McAfee…).

  • Consulting, supplying and installing Fire-wall programs protecting Internet connections. (Check point, Microsoft ISA…) - Consulting, supplying and installing Fire-wall solutions integrated on hardware device (Router, Remote Access Server) or dedicated Fire-wall devices (Cisco PIX Fire-wall).

  • Consulting, designing and installing VPN solutions based on devices and technologies of Cisco, Nortel.

  • Flexibly using and combining multiple solutions including both hard-wares and soft-wares on the basis of client’s system to ensure the system is designed optimally and meets different requirements of clients.

Profits for clients:

Ensuring safety for information, minimizing risks.
Guiding, transferring full technology, helping clients to manage and operate system by themselves.
There are multi-solution choices.
Saving investment expenditure, intensifying competition.

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