HongCo Customer Service Center is a department of HongCo Informatics Trading Co., Ltd – which performs various type of Technical Support services not only ensuring that our customers’ IT System is always in stable operation, but also matches their investment value.

In the other hand, we provide the most advanced IT technologies in order to serve customers’ objectives of management, manufacture and other businesses.

  • information system safety and security

    Hong Co consults and provides solutions for safety and information system security developed by the world’s leading security software firms...

  • Warranty and Maintenance

    Hong Co provides warranty and maintenance services for multi-foundation systems in both hardware and software. This service even includes distant forms...

  • Consultancy of information infrastructure

    Supplying all services in constructing of high quality information system infrastructure, best meeting request for operations and optimal use...

Why should you choose HongCo Customer Service Center?

  • HongCo is the advanced partner of well-known manufacturers and clients from 1993.
  • Experienced technical engineers with up-to-date IT knowledge.
  • Brand spare-parts resources are always available.
  • HongCo Customer Service Center applies the Service Quality Management Process standard – ISO 9001:2008 and specific tools to assure our service quality.
  • Multiple choices of service levels that best suit with specific requirements of each enterprise.
  • Rely on HongCo Customer Service Center, you can assured to concentrate in your core activities to achieve better the best performances.

Brochure Customer Services Center

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